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Website & SEO Diagnostic

Gain a true, revealing insight into the existing performance of your website with our no obligation Website & SEO diagnostic - absolutely free

Unhappy with the number of enquiries your website is bringing in?

Concerned about where your website appears in the search engine rankings?

Confused at why your SEO investment is not reaping you rewards?

Whatever your concern, you can now enjoy a revealing website and SEO diagnostic - absolutely FREE.

Gain peace of mind that your website is performing how you want it to. Benefit from a comprehensive report detailing exactly where any concerns lie within your existing website and pinpoint where work needs to be done to maximise the success from your online presence.

Our unique website and SEO diagnostic service explores 5 key areas of your web presence, revealing to you existing concerns and simple solutions to help you start making your website work for you.

We use an analytics tool to monitor and measure the traffic to your website revealing to you. Including;

  • What keywords your visitors are typing in to search engines to find you
  • How long they are spending our your website.
  • How many pages they are looking at
  • Which pages they are looking at
  • How many visitors you are getting each month

We analyse your competition. Including;

  • How are they optimising their websites
  • What keywords are they using to drive traffic to their websites

We consult on the design of your website. Including;

  • What is the user experience like
  • How are you encouraging enquiries
  • How are you connecting with your visitors

We analyse your current optimisation status. Including;

  • What keywords are you currently optimised for?
  • How many pages of your site do the search engines really know exist
  • How many valid links are coming into your website and are they really helping you

We suggest alternative keywords that you should optimise against to dramatically increase traffic to your website.

You get all this value, plus much, much more.

Book your diagnostic today by calling 0845 643 8120 and discover uncover how you can generate more leads through your website, at once.

The Safe 6™

The Internet Marketing Promise

  1. 24/7, 365 Technical Support
    We will be available to answer any technical issues when YOU need us.
  2. 100% Customer Focus
    Our aim is to create an online strategy for YOU that meets YOUR unique needs and increases YOUR profitability
  3. Service-Level Guarantee
    We set targets for our search engine optimisation solutions and, in the unlikely event that we don't meet them, we guarantee to work for you for free until we do.
  4. Detailed Diagnostic & Analysis
    You will enjoy in-depth guidance from start to finish to ensure YOU achieve the results YOU are looking for.
  5. Complete Honesty & Integrity
    We will never sell you a solution you don't need, nor will we ever deliver a solution that is not 100% right for YOU.
  6. Commitment to Development
    We will continue to develop our skills to ensure the advice you gain from us remains "cutting-edge" - at all times

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